After the loss of the majority of certainties in the understanding of photography, after all of the excessive accessing of photographic images, it seems appropriate to ask the question: how did it get this far? Which "turns"—the historiographic, the archival, the research, and the postcolonial turns—have served to affect, change, revamp? What can be said about photographic images in a time of the post-documentary, and the post-photographic? What comes after the unease about representation, and what disquiet has seized the photographic images of today?

A glimpse into the archive at Camera Austria attempts to trace several of these winding paths of "the photographic." In this special issue, which consists of image material from Camera Austria's archive and an essay by Reinhard Braun (artistic director and publisher of Camera Austria), we revisit some turning points in the debate about the photographic image—not as knowledge that has been set aside, but...

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