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Malcy Delacour

Work selected for the

13th East Wing Biennial 


Courtauld Institute of art

London, April to may 2018

This series of work Drawing a photograph attends to materialising the experience of travel.


Through analogue photography, the artist captures the velocity of the spectator and the rhythm of the train, resulting in images that unite layers of perspective.


“They depict the scene as a painter would do. But in this story the brush is the apparatus, the traces are called grains, and the shape changes every second.”


The images lack that of a human existence but create a presence of humanity. The abstract presentation provides an opportunity for a state of self-reflection in this bustling urban community.


Claire Ping, Curator


@malcy delacour

Drawing a photograph I, 2017

@malcy delacour

Drawing a photograph III, 2017

@malcy delacour

Drawing a photograph II, 2017
Drawing a photograph III, 2017
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